European cooperation on platelet science

Leading research on platelet structure and biology, undertaken by many laboratories in Europe, requires intensive and structural collaboration between basic science and clinical research groups. The European Platelet Network (EUPLAN) has been founded to promote and facilitate this collaboration. EUPLAN is a continuation and extension of earlier initiatives for meetings and symposia of European groups interested in platelet biology:

  • the German and European Platelet Meeting, held 1986 -2010
  • the Erfurt & Nottingham Platelet Conference, organized in 1984-2010
  • the UK Platelet Meeting, held in 1998-present.

In 2010, participating scientists decided to form a modern supra-national structure, which brings together leading groups working on different aspects of platelet structure and biology. The network EUPLAN coordinates the organization of a biannual European Platelet Conference as an essential forum for presentation and discussion of preliminary data, and actively promotes the scientific formation of younger researchers through the organization of thematic schools and practical courses.
Furthermore, EUPLAN provides a forum for effective translation of basic knowledge on platelet biology to the clinics and patients. By supporting short term exchange of researchers among the different participants it stimulates the sharing of tools, technologies, expertise, animal models, patient and genetic databases.