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The first EUPLAN Platelet Conference was held in Maastricht (the Netherlands), on September 20-21th, 2012. This first European meeting strived to bring together the PIs, Is, post-docs and PhD students from all major platelet (and megakaryocyte) research groups in Europe and surroundings. Outstanding key-note speakers in various fields of platelet research participated in this meeting as well as post-docs and PhD students that presented a number of novel methods, developments, ideas, insights in basic & translational research as well as on clinical advancements.

EUPLAN incorporates the European Platelet Group, the Erfurt Platelet Conference on Platelets, and is linked with the UK Platelet Meeting. The 1st EUPLAN conference will contain scientific sessions on basic and clinical aspects of platelet function, including: acquired bleeding disorders, animal models, antithrombotic treatment, cancer, cell signaling & physiology, coagulation, megakaryocyte research, platelet production, proteomics, systems biology and thrombotic disorders. Special sessions will be devoted to specific platelet-related topics of clinical interest.

Local organizing committee

Johan Heemskerk, Hugo ten Cate, Judith Cosemans.
Contact: Roosje van Gorp

Department of Biochemistry (CARIM), Maastricht University, PO Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht (The Netherlands); tel. +31-43-3881671 (3881674), fax. +31-43-3884159.

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